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Tips from Chris Ferguson

chris-fergusonWe broght here 5 tips from Chris Ferguson:

Never limp in. PUMP IT or DUMP IT!

One of the most important rules of Hold'Em - Limit or No Limit - is to never, ever call as the first player to enter a pot before the flop. Either pump up the pot with a raise, or dump your cards in the muck. If your hand isn't strong enough for a raise, it's too weak for a call. This tactic makes it more difficult for your opponents to read your hand, and it makes it impossible for the big blind to ever see a flop for free when you're in the hand.

Never bet your medium strength hands.

When you have what you think is the best you bet hoping to get called. When you know you have the worst hand you want to bet frequently as a bluff, hoping for the better hand to fold. An average hand doesn't work either way. You can't get better hands to fold and your chance of getting weaker hands to call is too slim to justify a bet. Just check it down and hope your hand is good enough to drag in the chips.

Mix up your play

Don't be too hasty to give away your hand by playing straight-forward poker. Mix it up a little. Early in the hand, play your pocket rockets like a small pair once in a while. And play that 5d-6d like it's K-K. Keep them guessing, but don't overdo it or an attentive opponent will catch on, and this play will lose its effectiveness, and you will lose your chips.

Always respect your opponents

Never automatically assume you know more than your opponents. Many players are too quick to blame bad luck when they lose, and chalk it up to skill when they win. Don't hastily decide you're way better than your opponents. No one knows everything there is to know about poker. Thinking you have nothing to learn is the surest way to guarantee you learn exactly that - nothing.

Always pay attention

One critical skill is the ability to pay attention. To everything. All the time. Not just when you're in the hand. Especially when you're not in the hand. Every hand your opponents play gives you valuable information about how they think about poker, and how they are likely to play hands in the future. If there's an expert at your table, watch how he plays against your other opponents. See how the expert will push other players around and move them out of their comfort zone. Never let your ego suggest you have nothing left to learn. Paying attention is the fastest way to move up the poker food chain.



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