Full Tilt Poker - General Rules

  1. Sportsmanlike conduct is expected of all users.
  2. Players are not allowed to create, use, or deposit to more than one account. Violators of this rule are subject to individual investigations which can result in account suspension.
  3. Harassment of any player or observer may result in the suspension or termination of the offender's account.
  4. "Begging" for money (real or play) at tables is forbidden and may result in the suspension or termination of the offender's account.
  5. Players and observers may not discuss a hand until the action is complete. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities is not allowed.
  6. Soft playing or chip dumping is not allowed. Any unethical play may result in the suspension or termination of the offender's account.
  7. Players must adhere to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use.
  8. In games with blinds, the big blind will always advance clockwise to the next player at the table. The small blind will be given to the seat of the player who paid the previous big blind. If the player in the big blind leaves the table, there may be no small blind on the next hand. The button will normally progress to the seat that was the previous small blind.
  9. If there is a split pot, not equally divisible by the number of players left in the hand, the 'extra' chips will be awarded one at a time to the remaining players, starting with the player closest to the left of the button.
  10. In Fixed Limit games, bets are limited to 4 during each betting round - the initial bet plus 3 raises.
  11. Players who do not act on their hand in time will time out, their hand will be check-folded, and their status will be changed to "Sitting out".
  12. Full Tilt Poker reserves the right to modify or revise the Rules at any time, without notice to Players. Such amendments will become effective immediately upon being listed on the FullTiltPoker.com website. It is the Players' sole responsibility to review the Rules and Policies, and remain abreast of any changes.
  13. Full Tilt Poker management decisions are final in all matters.



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  • Phil Ivey at the 2009 WSOP

    Though many found Phil Ivey’s 7th place finish at the 2009 WSOP final table disappointing, the fact remains: his WSOP run was a formidable one, and had it not been for a couple up slip-ups, we may well have seen a different champ.

  • Full Tilt Your Way to Vegas

    If The WSOP is just around the corner, but for many Vegas is a very long way a way; a visit to Full Tilt Poker could make it that much closer.

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